Best Baby Night Lights in 2019: Perfect for Those Night Time Feeds!

Think bedtime’s going to be a piece of cake when you’re a parent? That you can just put them in their bassinet or crib, kiss them good night and just be done with it? Not at all. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! But thankfully, baby night lights are here to help.

If you thought getting your baby to eat enough food throughout the day is important, giving them everything they need to get a good night’s sleep is just as crucial.

Truth be told, though, it’s not nearly as complicated as some people make it out to be. In the end, it all boils down to creating an environment your baby feels calm and comfortable in.

Breastfeeding mother feeding her baby at night with a dim night light on

So before you go out there and shop for items to add to your baby’s nursery, be prepared beforehand and take a look at what we believe to be some of the best nightlights for babies today.

As we’ll be talking about later on in this article, a regular lamp or ceiling light does not suit your little one’s needs at all. On the contrary, they can be pretty harmful too.

Best Night Lights For Babies and Toddlers – A Quick Look At Our Top 10 Recommendations

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Best Night Lights For Babies and Toddlers – A More Detailed Look At Our Top 10 Recommendations

Feeling lost with so many different options to choose from? Don’t worry, we’ve simplified the process for you and have explained why each of the following night lights is a worthy contender as sleep aids for your baby’s nursery.

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light & Time To Rise

All you app-crazy parents are going to love this one.

It’s a nightlight and sound machine that you can control from your phone using the Hatch Baby Rest app. This means you don’t have to leave the warmth of your bed to turn off baby’s nightlight, or accidentally wake baby up by creeping into the room after they fall asleep.

Plus, it’s been designed using scientifically proven light colors and sounds that help your baby sleep. Yep, it’s truly a product of the 21st century and perfect for parents that enjoy the benefits of science and technology.

It even looks modern. The design is simple, stylish and trendy. But you can easily brighten it up to match your child’s room by choosing from its range of patterns and colors.


  • Can be controlled from your phone.
  • Includes nightlight, sound machine and a time-to-rise alert.
  • Can be programmed manually or made to turn on automatically.
  • Has a toddler-lock feature so they can’t accidentally mess with the settings.
  • Allows you to customize color, brightness and volume.
  • Stays cool throughout the night for safety.


  • You will need a smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android to operate it remotely. It doesn’t have a remote control.
  • Doesn’t project images onto the ceiling like some other nightlights do.

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Project Nursery Sight & Sound Sleep Soother Projector

If your little one would love to fall asleep watching soothing images projected onto the ceiling or walls, this nightlight is definitely one to consider.

It comes with three colorful image disks that can make the dark of your child’s room seem a lot less scary – so you don’t have to sit with them until they nod off.

Even better, the lights projector automatically turns off after one hour, so you don’t have to try to sneak in after your child has fallen asleep.

Plus, it also offers the ability to stream unlimited music and stories through the nightlight from your phone via Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can just play one of the preloaded lullabies, sounds or white noise to help your baby sleep.


  • Combines sounds, light and projector all in one.
  • Projector night light automatically turns off after one hour.
  • You can stream songs or stories from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Can play preloaded lullabies, natural sounds and white noise.


  • To stream stories or songs, you’ll need a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone or tablet.
  • Unlike the Hatch Baby nightlight (mentioned above in this product list) you can’t manage the nightlight from your phone – you can only stream audio.

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VAVA Bedside Lamp & Night Light For Kids

If you’ve got a newborn and you’re up and down all night nursing and changing diapers, this touch-controlled nightlight could be your savior.

Sick of fumbling around in the dark, trying to find the right buttons to do what you want? No worries, because you shouldn’t face that problem with this device. By simply tapping and holding the nightlight, you can turn it on, increase the brightness or dim it down.

With its touch controls, it’s easy to use, even when you’re sleep deprived.

As an added bonus, it’s waterproof so as your little ones get older, you can take it camping or hiking on family trips. It even has an inbuilt SOS light function which would come in handy in an emergency.


  • Easy to use with its innovative touch-control.
  • Uses anti-blue light LED bulb to protect your child’s eyes.
  • Has a one-hour timer function.
  • Has a long battery life so you don’t have to charge as often.
  • Great for indoors and outdoors.


  • Some people might find its tiny blue LED indicator light annoying.
  • If you’re carrying the nightlight, you might find yourself accidentally changing the functions, because it is touch-sensitive.
  • Doesn’t play sounds or project images like some nightlights do.

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Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight

While it might seem basic, what we really love about this toddler night lamp is its handle, which makes it easy to carry for little hands.

If your child is a bit of a roamer – plays cheekily in their room before bed, makes trips to the bathroom or inevitably ends up in your room just after you’ve fallen asleep – then this nightlight will help light the way and keep them safe.

They can easily carry it with them because it’s lightweight and battery operated. Plus, it’s cool to the touch, so you don’t have to worry about them burning themselves.

The on/off switch is also nice and simple to use. This means an older toddler (24 months +) should be able to operate it themselves if they wake in the night and happen to need the light.


  • LED night light technology means it doesn’t get warm and is safe around children.
  • Has a handle so your child can carry it easily if needed.
  • Battery-operated so no need for cords in your child’s room.
  • Easy to turn on and off.


  • The nightlight turns off automatically after 20 minutes. While an older toddler should be able to turn it back on if needed, a baby wouldn’t be able to do so on their own.
  • Some people might find it annoying that it’s battery-operated as it means you’ll need to replace the batteries when they die. Not the biggest of deals, but some people consider this to be tedious.

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SOAIY Multifunction White Noise Sound Machine with Night Light

The tall size and shape of some nightlights makes them a prime target for being knocked over by wild toddlers. That’s why we love this nightlight so much – it’s wide and low-set.

You should be able to sit it on a bedside table or set of drawers without fear of it tumbling off at the first shove by your toddler.

So we give it an A+ in thoughtful design.

It’s also lightweight and compact, so you can pack it in your bags when the family heads off on vacation or if baby is going to grandma’s for the night.


  • Low-set design that provides sturdiness.
  • Compact and portable for easy transportation.
  • Offers six different soundtracks and white noise to choose from.
  • The light has different brightness levels.
  • Has a timer.


  • While we recommend it for its low-set shape, there is the risk that some toddlers will find it boring compared to some of the other more fun nightlight designs on the market.
  • Some parents might find the sounds aren’t as loud as they’d like, depending on how big your child’s room is and where you place it.

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WallMate Cool LED Wall Plug-In Night Light

There’s lots to love about this nightlight – it’s got a funky hippo design, different colors you can choose from and is cool to the touch.

But by far its best feature is the photocell light sensor. This triggers it to automatically turn off once it senses daylight. This is super handy if you’re likely to forget to turn off the nightlight in the morning, which is easy to do when you’re sleep deprived!

One less thing to do when you’ve got a kid yelling from their cot? Yes, please!

In the same way, it turns on automatically when it gets dark, which can be a great way to signal to your child that it’s bedtime.


  • Turns on and off automatically through light-sensing activation.
  • Doesn’t give off heat so it is very safe for small children.
  • LED light is environmentally friendly.
  • Different colors to choose from.


  • There isn’t a dimming option. However, you might find some colors are brighter than others, so you might be fine with the least bright of all the colors (which is red).
  • It relies on sensitivity to light. So obviously if it’s in a dark spot in the house, it might not turn off automatically, because light won’t have triggered it.

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KiBlue Unicorn Night Light

Here’s something even the older kids can enjoy!

Perfect for toddlers all the way up to school-aged children, this unicorn-shaped light can serve as both a nightlight and a beautiful decorative feature for the bedroom.

As your child grows, its purpose can too. While they won’t need a nightlight forever, the unicorn light can add a touch of style and personality to the bedroom long after their fear of the dark disappears.

If your little one loves magic, mystical stories, or just ‘pretty things’ – then there’s a good chance they’ll love this too.


  • Beautiful unicorn shape to add extra personality to your child’s room.
  • Glows eight different colors.
  • Designed so it can either sit on a surface or be hung on a wall.
  • Doesn’t need to be plugged into an outlet, so you can put it anywhere.


  • Requires batteries.
  • It changes color randomly – you can’t actually choose a color you (or your baby) prefer.
  • Some people complain about it being smaller in reality than expected. It’d be a good idea to check out the measurements first to see if it fits what you’re after.

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Gro-Egg Room Thermometer with Soft Nightlight

As any parent would know, it can be stressful trying to keep your newborn safe and comfortable while they sleep. This nifty device definitely makes it easier and provides much-needed peace of mind.

That’s because it’s both a nightlight and a room thermometer!

Not only does it have a little digital read-out of the exact temperature, but it also glows four different colors (blue, yellow, orange and red) to more visually signal the temperature in the room.

This means you can just peek into the room and instantly know whether the temperature has changed. More importantly, it helps you decide whether you need to make any adjustments to your baby’s sleeping environment – like adding blankets or turning on a fan.

This product would obviously be suitable for all ages of small children, but it’s probably most valuable for younger babies.


  • Operates as both a nightlight and a thermometer.
  • Promotes safe sleeping conditions through temperature awareness.
  • Glows clear and obvious colors that help signal heat changes.


  • Its primary function is as a thermometer. Therefore, the colors change depending on the temperature. If your child wants a nightlight to soothe them to sleep, they might prefer a device that allows them to pick colors depending on their mood.
  • Doesn’t play music or project images.

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Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Crib Soother and Baby Night Light

There’s nothing quite as comforting as the gentle combination of a starry night sky and some soothing melodies to ease your baby to sleep. Agreed?

If that’s a “heck yes” from you, then this nightlight is worth checking out.

This owl-shaped nightlight projects a beautiful starry scene onto your child’s room, and plays a variety of music and sounds.

It’s got eight soundtracks to choose from and you can pivot the star projection to wherever gives your little one the best view from their bed.

Best of all, you can set a timer to turn it off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes.


  • Has both lullabies and nature sounds to choose from.
  • Projects stars and moon onto the ceiling or walls – you can pivot the image as needed.
  • The nightlight feature has a dimmer control.
  • Can be set to automatically turn off.


  • Will only play the one song or sound over and over, until you manually change it. (As opposed to some nightlights that will play soundtracks on a rotation.)
  • The projection of the stars won’t cover your entire ceiling. It’s best to check out the pictures beforehand to see if the size of the starry image fits your requirements.

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Cloud b Twilight Turtle Plush Nightlight Projector

If you’re looking for a nightlight with a bit more personality, and something that looks less like a device and more like a toy, then this is a great option.

We love the fun turtle design, because it’s cute and comforting, almost like a little companion for your child in the dark. Perfect for toddlers that want something to hold and play with in their bed while they get ready for sleep.

It’s great for kids that find bedtime a bit scary, with the turtle’s shell emitting three different colors – all of which look magical and soothing.

Plus, it projects a starry night sky onto the ceiling and walls, with eight real constellations that you can point out to your child – which means it’s educational too.


  • Looks more like a toy than a traditional nightlight.
  • As recommended by pediatricians, it turns off after 45 minutes to ensure darkness through your child’s deep sleep stage.
  • Allows you to pick between three different color options – blue, green, amber.
  • Comes with the Twilight Turtle Star Projectors Guide to help you identify the constellations.


  • Doesn’t play music.
  • If your child wakes up in the night feeling scared of the dark, it’ll need to be turned back on, as it automatically shuts off after 45 minutes.

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What Is A Night Light?

First and foremost, a night light is exactly what it sounds like: a dim light left turned on throughout the night in a room where someone sleeps.

In this case, it’s where your baby sleeps. Whether that’s their own nursery or sleeping in the same room with you is up to you to decide, but a night light can go a long way in all cases.

What differentiates it from a normal light, you ask? The whole point of nursery night lights is that they’re dim enough to maintain a soft glow in the room that doesn’t interfere with sleep.

Why Do I Need To Put A Night Light In My Baby’s Room?

Not really convinced that your little one needs a night light in their room or nursery? This section’s about to change your mind. Here’s a list of why babies need these things.

Also, and as you’ll find out for yourself when reading this list (and possibly doing further research online by checking out other resources that discuss this topic), the benefits to be had are not just for little baby – parents and caregivers get as much benefits from night lights as our little bundles of joy do.

Improved Brain Development

Did you know that the American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that parents leave a nightlight on in their baby’s nursery – right from birth – to help improve their visual development?

This is especially true for newborns right from birth, up till 4 months of age.

Easy To Check Up On Them

When waking up in the middle of the night to check up on your baby because you heard them make some noise, a baby night lamp with a soft glow is perfect to help you see around.

It’s a much better alternative to having strong light on that makes you more alert and makes it more difficult for you to fall back asleep when done checking up on your munchkin.

You’ll be facing interrupted sleep on an almost daily basis with a baby, especially during their first few months, so you should gladly take any help you can get.

Don’t believe me? Just wait till your little one starts going through night terrors. You’re going to love it! (Yeah, right …). Or, even better yet, wait till they’re getting potty trained – that’s where the real fun is at!

All jokes aside, though, that’s just the reality of the situation. It’s just something we all have to accept and there’s no running away from it. Be it because of night time feeds, changing your baby or anything in between – be prepared! But, as with everything else, this too shall pass.

My two cents? Embrace it and enjoy every moment while it lasts. Little baby isn’t going to stay so little forever!

Middle Of The Night Duties

It’s not just for checking up on your baby in the middle of the night, night lights also make your life much easier when attending to middle of the night duties such as feeding sessions and diaper changes – just to name a couple.

There’s going to be a whole lot of these middle of the night duties for you to attend to, especially during your baby’s first year in life, so be well prepared for that.

All you need for illumination purposes to warm up a bottle in the middle of the night, put that nursery glider to use, or just do what you have to do on a changing table when it’s all dark is a dim, soft and gentle night light.

You never know if there’s any of your baby’s toys scattered around on the floor, and if you can’t clearly see where you’re going and what you’re stepping on … let’s just say your feet (or toes) might not appreciate it!

Help Baby Make Their Way

If you have a potty trained baby that sleeps alone in their own room (or one that’s still being potty trained), a nightlight can help them find their way for a quick trip to the bathroom and get back to bed while staying out of harm’s way.

We could all use a little bit more peace of mind in knowing we’re doing whatever we can to minimize our kids’ chances of getting themselves into unwanted accidents, right?

It’s not just about helping baby make their way anywhere, either. Sometimes, they’ll have lost their favorite teddy bear and need to find them again so they can get back to sleep. Hey, at least your kid is living up to their word of being a good best friend, right?

Fear Begone!

Night lights greatly help comfort little ones afraid of the dark until they successfully transition out of this phase.

Because they help ease a little one’s fear of darkness, nightlights can – and often do – help prevent babies from experiencing nightmares.

A little bit of illumination can go a long way!

This is especially true for babies between the ages of 2 years and 4 years, as they grow and become more aware of their surroundings than when they were still newborns. This is also especially true for babies who happen to have separation anxiety as well.

Young babies wake up in the middle of the night wanting to be fed, but as they grow, they transition to waking up in the middle of the night seeking comfort from you because they’re afraid of the dark.

With newborns, it’s not always a given that they’re afraid of the dark. After all this time they’ve spent in a dark (yet cozy) womb, not all of them would have a problem sleeping in a dark bedroom. At this age, their brains aren’t developed enough to imagine scary things coming after them in the dark, anyways.

Preserving Energy And Saving Money

Night lights require much less energy to run than other types such as ceiling lights.

So, besides the fact that a ceiling light will give your baby a very difficult time falling asleep and will make you way more alert than you need to be when getting up in the middle of the night to check up on them, it also costs you more money when it’s time to pay your next power bill.

The same holds true for anyone considering keeping a hall light or closet light on throughout the night, to give their baby’s nursery the same effect a night light has. While this most certainly could work from a similar effect perspective, you won’t enjoy the changes reflected on your next electricity bill!

Preserve energy, cut down on electricity consumption and use a night light instead.

When Do Babies Stop Needing Night Lights?

It goes without saying that there comes a time when you need to wean your baby off the night light, just as you would wean them off a pacifier, the bottle, etc ..

When it comes time to take it away from their room and getting them used to sleep in the dark, some kids object to the change while others go on with their lives as if nothing changed.

If they object to you taking away their night light, understand that this is a normal reaction for many, and that they need time to adjust to life after their night light.

At this age, anyways, you should now be able to communicate with your toddler by words and address their fears/concerns by talking things out.

Let them tell you all about why they still want a night light in their room, hear them out, and explain to them why it’s in their best interest they don’t rely on it anymore. If you need to reach a compromise or setup a gradual system where they rely less and less on it as the days go by – as opposed to going cold turkey – then so be it.

What Should I Look For In The Best Baby Night Lights On The Market?

Before you choose a baby night light to add to your little one’s nursery or even your own room if you’re room sharing at the time being, here’s a list of the most important criteria and features you should look for in these products.

Not Too Bright

One thing you should avoid like the plague is something that emits an excessive bright light. These will achieve nothing but make it very difficult for your baby to get any consistent sleep through the night.

All you need is something that gives a soft glow in the room. Whatever you do, stay away from overhead lights that shine as bright as the sun’s surface!

Your eyes and your baby’s eyes are all blurry during nighttime, so you need something dim and gentle.

This is why it’s extremely important you make sure where you can have a night light function in your baby’s room before you buy it.

If it can only work in close proximity to where your baby sleeps, it’s more than likely going to be a source of discomfort for them. It needs to be placed at a good enough distance from their crib or bassinet, not too close yet not too far away.

Here’s a test you can do yourself to see if it’s dim enough: Close your eyes and test whether or not you can see it through your eye lids. If you can, the brightness needs to be toned down.

Try to find something that lets you adjust the brightness and glow (or even automatically adjusts on its own as needed).


For many parents, portable night lights are a must instead of ones that need to be plugged into a power outlet to work. You’ll be able to put the night light wherever you want in the room instead of being limited to wherever the electrical socket happens to be.

If you’re limited on power sources to work with, you can make use of portable night lights which operate on batteries, instead of requiring a power outlet.

Portable night lights are especially useful if electrical sockets in the room happen to be installed way too close or way too far from baby’s crib or bassinet.

If the electrical socket is way too close to where they sleep, the light’s going to be annoying all up in their face, while they’ll barely notice it’s there if the electrical socket is too far away from where they sleep.

Portable night lights make you in control of choosing the distance.

You can also set things up beforehand if you know there are certain areas around the room you’ll be using in the middle of the night for stuff like diaper changes, so that you spend as little time on this and get back to sleep as soon as possible when you actually have to do it.

Speaking of electricity, if there’s any of it involved in your baby nightlight setup – make sure you baby proof any electric outlets and cords to keep your little one safe. You want to make sure there’s no way they could get electrocuted from any of the wall outlets or cords, and there’s no chance of the cords suffocating them because they were a little bit too curious.

Automatically Switches Off

Many parents don’t like the idea of keeping a night light on in their baby’s room all night long, and much prefer switching it off shortly after baby manages to fall asleep.

If this describes you, then look for a night lamp with a built in timer or alarm clock that automatically switches the light off when the time is up.

A built in timer that forces an auto shut off might not seem like the fanciest of night light features, and it certainly isn’t, but it saves you from having to do one more manual chore on a daily basis – and that’s always welcome in my book!

For maximum usability, look for night lights with built-in timers that you’re free to use or not use. Some parents prefer to use a timer that takes care of everything for them, while others prefer to do things manually – so it’s good to have options.

Extra Features

Some night lights come with extra bells and whistles built in, such as ones that emit white noise to help your baby sleep better, for example. There’s also night lights that come with built-in thermometers, or humidifiers that come with built-in nightlights.

It’s up to you whether you’d like to get a “2 in 1 bundle” like this or get a separate white noise machine on its own instead. Personally, I like to keep these things separate and purchase an item specifically designed to excel at one thing only, but that’s just me. You might have a different opinion, and there’s nothing wrong about that!

No Batteries

This is completely up to you and your personal preference. Some parents hate having to deal with changing batteries on a regular basis, while others don’t mind what they consider to be a small task.

If changing batteries is a daunting task for you, there’s nothing wrong in spending a bit more money on a night light that doesn’t require battery changes.

High Quality Material

Night lights don’t last forever, and it isn’t expected of them to do so with relatively inexpensive price-tags. You will, nonetheless, want to get a nightlight that lasts you a good amount of time before you have to replace it.

Look for ones made from high quality materials, and don’t just go for the cheapest baby night light you manage to find.

Speaking about not having to buy replacements so early on, know what type of bulb a nightlight has before you purchase it. Supposing it burns out, do you have the option of replacing the bulb itself? Or are you only limited to purchasing an entirely new nightlight? It depends on the manufacturer and their product.

If you ask me, I’d like to stay in control and be able to just replace the burned out bulb itself without having to buy an entirely new unit.


Babies are curious human beings.

We definitely don’t want them to stop exploring the world around them and learning from their findings, but we also have to draw the line somewhere for their own safety and well-being.

Try your best to avoid any nightlights that could pose any risk to your baby. For example, if it contains small parts that baby can get a hold of, this could easily become a choking hazard.

What Types Of Night Lights Can I Choose From For My Baby?

Not all night lights are created equally, especially ones specifically meant to be placed in little baby’s nursery.

The following list discusses some of the most common types of baby night lights you can choose from, depending on what it is you’re looking for exactly.

No single type of nightlight is perfect, each has its own advantages and shortcomings, but there’s a right type for everyone depending on what suits them best.

Wall Plugs

Probably the form we’re all familiar with most, wall plug in night lights work just like their name implies; by plugging into walls and running on electricity.

There’s a wide variety of wall plug-in night lights you can choose from, ranging from the very basic to the more advanced.

Some of the more advanced options on the market have useful features such as turning on automatically when the room is dark enough and turning off automatically when the room has enough natural light coming in.

This can be done thanks to daylight sensors built into the wall plug night light. Some of these also come with built in motion sensors that automatically turn the light off when nearby movement is detected.


This is not your typical wall plug or night table night light. Instead, with a projectable night light, an image is projected onto the wall or the ceiling of the room.

This is not the most popular type among parents, mainly because of how complicated it can make things at times. If you don’t set it up at a perfect angle and distance, the image will feel distorted.

Plus, not all babies are comfortable or soothed by a projection on the wall. It works wonders for many, but doesn’t go down well with all babies alike.

The good news is that if your baby does indeed enjoy this type of night lamp, there’s no shortage of creative options to choose from. Colorful stars, their favorite characters, their favorite animals – the options are endless.

Stuffed Animals

Babies love stuffed animals and they make for an awesome choice of toys, so why not combine them with a night light too, right?

There’s nothing too fancy or groundbreaking about this, it’s just a night light placed inside a stuffed animal that goes right next to your baby when sleeping at night.

For safety purposes, though, it’s extremely important to note that only babies above one year of age can sleep with stuffed animals by their side – or else the risk of infant death syndrome (SIDS) and death by suffocation or strangulation increases.

Another important thing to note is that a stuffed animal night light is mostly for your baby, meaning you’ll get practically no use out of it.

Assuming you don’t need to put your stealth skills to the test and take it out of your baby’s arms in the middle of their sleep without waking them up, the light these things have usually doesn’t suffice for adults like you and I to see clearly in the dark.

Table Lamps

What better than a good old night lighting lamp that sits on a table next to where your baby sleeps?

One note of caution though: Make sure the table is a bit distant to where your baby usually gets their zzz’s. The light from the bulbs of table lamps is usually a bit too bright if placed too close to where your little one sleeps.

What Color Should I Choose For My Baby’s Night Light?

If you think it doesn’t matter what color a night light you put in your baby’s nursery emits, then think again.

As a matter of fact, science has proven that what color a night light emits in your baby’s room makes all the difference in how well your baby sleeps and is something you really have to give enough thought beforehand.

So, how do you know what color(s) to choose? And even more importantly, which colors are best? And why do they work so well when compared to other colors that have an opposite effect?

First things first, and even though this might sound contrary to what usually makes sense, do not get a night light for your baby’s room that emits a blue light. Strange right? I know! But studies have shown that being exposed to blue light is actually counter effective in trying to get a good night’s sleep because it makes us more attentive.

White colored lights aren’t really recommended, either – for very similar reasons. Our bodies were programed to interpret blue lights and white lights as daylight. Exposure to blue or white light for even just a few minutes leads to a surge in our awareness levels and makes it incredibly more difficult to fall back asleep.

Pediatricians and pediatric associations also tend to urge parents to avoid exposing their kids to green nightlights.

The best baby night light colors are warm red or yellow lights. Again, this might sound counter-effective to you (it does to me, at least) – but that’s just the way a baby’s body is programmed. With these colors, your baby’s Melatonin levels (the sleep hormone) stand the best chance at being unaffected.

Speaking of colors, some manufacturers produce night lights that change colors in predetermined intervals of time.

Can’t I Just Use A Candle Instead?

For those of you not quite fond of trying out new things (I know I can be like that a lot of times), the thought of using a traditional candle might cross your mind.

I know the thought is tempting, especially if you’re trying your best to not spend money where it’s not necessary, but avoid using candles in your baby’s nursery at all costs.

Something could easily go wrong and before you know it, the whole room catches fire. The only candle you should ever use as a night light for your baby is a flameless bedside candle lamp. Anything that uses actual flame should be completely off-limits.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re having trouble getting your little one to get enough hours of sleep through the night, trying out a nightlight at first is an excellent idea before you take any other drastic measures.

This is not to say that putting a nightlight in their nursery is going to magically solve all their sleep problems right off the bat, though. Lots of times, the problem affecting a baby’s sleep will have nothing to do with whether there’s a night light in their room or not. Other times, though, it’s just the solution you needed all along.

You have to start somewhere to find out what’s what, though – and a night light is an excellent place to start!

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