Best Toddler Beds In 2019: Ensuring A Safe & Good Night’s Sleep!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that kids grow up fast – sometimes too fast.

The newborn days tend to feel never-ending: the sleepless nights, the long days where you barely get a minute for yourself, countless nappy changes – the list is endless. However, looking back at it all when it’s passed, most parents are surprised at how time flies so fast!

From a tiny baby sleeping peacefully in their little bassinet or crib, you’ll soon find yourself shopping for a toddler bed for your feisty little one.

Young boy sleeping in a toddler bed, with a stuffed animal toy next to him

Having the right sleeping gear works wonders for overall sleep quality. And, it’s a win-win for both of you: if your toddler sleeps well, then you get to have a good rest yourself as well.

Nowadays, we’re blessed with countless options to choose from for each product needed during a child’s first years. It may all seem overwhelming at first – especially when considering safe sleep options – but we’re here to make your life considerably easier by clearing all of that up.

This article will define what toddler beds are, at what age you should consider moving your toddler to one, as well as the signs to look out for that indicate your little one is indeed ready for the change.

To help you with a more straightforward shopping experience, we’ll also go through different toddler bed options you can choose from, as well as outline the things you should look out for in a toddler bed and what you should avoid.

Before we get into all of that, though, here’s a quick look at what we believe to be some of the best toddler beds of today.

Best Toddler Beds – A Quick Look At Our Top 10 Recommendations

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Best Toddler Beds – A More Detailed Look At Our Top 10 Recommendations

Made it this far? Congratulations! You now know about all the different types of toddler beds you can get your little one, as well as what to look for in these beds to ensure that your toddler is getting the best experience possible.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the best toddler beds on the market today, as well as discuss what’s so special about each one of them so that they made it on our list of recommendations.

Dream on Me Classic Toddler Bed

Who else feels like the whole aesthetic of the house changes once a baby comes by?

Granted, the house feels more like a home with a little resident there now, but the number of baby things which also find their home within these four walls do tend to take over everything!

Sometimes, minimalist is the feel to go for. The Dream on Me Classic Design toddler bed holds beauty in simplicity, and easily blends in with the rest of your home.

It’s a sturdy, no-frills toddler bed that’s both functional and safe. Its classic design was made to last – in fact, this is one piece that your kids won’t mind inheriting.

The bed features safety rails on the top end of both sides. This means that you can easily place it in the middle of the room, rather than against a wall, leaving you more leeway (room planning-wise).

It also comes in 7 finishes to match any theme. So, no matter what your nursery currently looks like, there’s something out there for everybody – as far as matching decor goes.

In accordance with safety regulations, the bed sits low, at a perfect height for climbing into bed (and out) safely.

In terms of safety, this Dream on Me toddler bed meets both CPSC and ASTM standards. It can hold up to 50lbs of maximum weight limit, and thanks to its strength, can withstand the wrath of active toddlers effortlessly.

A center leg is also specifically designed to reinforce stability.

The bed has to be assembled at your end, but it comes with all the required tools for assembly. Yay for not having to run out to the hardware store just before bedtime!


  • Helps with the transition from crib to bed.
  • Ergonomically-designed.
  • Curved edges for added safety.
  • Affordable.


  • Railing does not detach when your child is ready to go without.
  • A toddler can still easily leave the bed should they decide to.
  • Not ideal for toddlers who toss and turn a lot in their sleep. The railing is only at the top end, leaving an excessive amount of edge bare.

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Paw Patrol Toddler Bed

Soon enough, your munchkin will be ready to graduate to a bigger bed.

The signs that he’s ready to move to a larger bed might be all there, but when the time comes, very often the reality of a larger space hits hard.

Giving your little one a say in selecting his own bed is bound to make the process of transitioning to a toddler bed a hundred times easier. The Paw Patrol toddler bed serves as a great incentive to get your little one to sleep soundly in his own bed.

It features lovely colors, a center leg for added sturdiness, as well as rounded edges and guardrails for safety. It’s cozy and perfectly sized for your little human, making it both a lovely hangout for playtime and a warm place for sleeping.

This Paw Patrol bed is made of plastic. Before you start fretting on its strength, you should know that the bed’s frame is actually made of steel, and the rest of it is constructed out of high-quality plastic.

So, there are no safety concerns for you to worry about; in fact, it’s JPMA certified.

This toddler bed comes with colorful graphics on the headboard and footboard that’s bound to get your little one recounting his favorite pup stories.

They can quickly become his bedtime friends too: ‘no job is too big, no pup is too small!’ Same with bedtime, ‘no night is too long!’


  • Designed after your child’s favorite character to get him excited about bedtime.
  • Ideal bed for boys, if you’re not looking for something that’s gender neutral.


  • The stickers have to be attached at your end.
  • The bed is sturdy, but the mattress is only supported via three thin metal bars.

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Disney Minnie Mouse Plastic Toddler Bed

Really now, who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse? I’m an adult (at least that’s what I think of myself) and still shamelessly do!

It comes as no surprise that a whole lot of kids are simply fascinated with this little character. A Minnie Mouse theme is a great way of helping your little princess fall in love with her bedroom.

Did you know that Minnie has been around since 1928? In 2018, at the tender age of 90, she was awarded her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We have a mom joke that goes something like: with that kind of longevity, we wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up on the UNESCO World Heritage list!

This Disney Minnie Mouse toddler bed is aimed at toddlers aged 15 months and up.

It’s a great transition bed that you can quickly assemble, and you won’t be spending anywhere near as much time (and energy) as other toddler beds will have you burn through.

All of this makes for much happier dreams for the entire family, and less running into mommy and daddy’s bedroom. (We’re definitely in if it means that everyone gets to sleep for longer, and does so better).

This bed can be the highlight of any room, and makes for a great resting nook, both for sleeping and for some quiet time alone.


  • Very easy and straightforward to assemble.
  • Features a much-loved and timeless character that little girls adore.
  • Guardrails with no gaps – there’s very little chance of little arms getting stuck in there.


  • Steel legs, but the frame is plastic.
  • Not an ideal bed if you intend to pass it on from one child to another.

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Dream on Me Convertible Toddler Bed

Many a parent’s greatest disappointment revolves around the considerable investment spent on items for little baby, only for them to outgrow them in a blink.

Apart from the financial side of things, storage becomes another significant concern. After all, there’s only so much you can hoard for a potential sibling, or because you just can’t get yourself to part ways from all the cute gear you’ve gotten used to over the months and years.

If you’re specifically looking for convertible beds, this Dream on Me Convertible Toddler bed converts into an armchair and table, seriously upping the number of years it would be useful for at home.

It’s made of beautiful New Zealand pine wood construction with a wooden mattress support rail for added sturdiness, as well as two center legs to outsmart active toddlers who might not be up to good ideas.

It’s available in six finishes, leaving you with all the creative license to dress it up or down as you so wish. This Dream on Me toddler bed definitely makes for a furniture piece to be proud of.

It also features almost all-around guard rails to keep active sleepers from falling off. It’s a toddler-approved height, which means that your little one can climb in and out safely.

Also, it’s beautifully and smartly designed to resemble a sleigh toddler bed – how’s that for a bedtime story starter?

Once your child outgrows the toddler bed, you can purchase an optional conversion kit – and voila! The toddler bed has now become a centerpiece featuring two comfy armchairs and a table!


  • A furniture piece to keep, and one that can be transformed according to need.
  • An excellent option for toddlers who toss and flip while sleeping.
  • An excellent transition bed.


  • Not the easiest to assemble – can be a bit of a challenge for some people.

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Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler Tent Bed

Back when my siblings and I were kids, the highlight of our day was playing under homemade tents.

There’s something special about having your very own little space, and imagination certainly has the power of transforming it into the biggest of palaces.

The Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler Tent bed will soon become your toddler’s favorite nook.

If your little one needs some extra encouragement to move from his crib into a bigger bed, this tent toddler bed is a great incentive!

It provides an exciting yet warm cocoon, making it an ideal place both for reading, playtime, and sleeping.

It features mesh windows and roll up doors for hours of fun – and, in the rare case that your little one doesn’t really take to the tent, it can be easily removed.

The bed features two attached guardrails for safety, and can be used with a standard crib mattress.

The makers, Delta, are well aware that when it comes to little ones, nothing is more important than safety. For this very reason, this toddler bed is made with long-lasting materials to withstand jumping and playing.

The Mickey tent toddler bed adds a splash of colorful fun and adventure to any room. There are also other optional furniture pieces available for a full-on Disney theme – worth considering if you know your child would love that!


  • Great bed to incentivize toddlers to move out of the crib when it’s time for them to start the transition.
  • Can be used without the tent – you’ll still have the guardrails for safety.
  • Low tent, fits under slanted roofs.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Paint on the metal pieces tends to chip easily.
  • Your toddler will most probably require some degree of help to open the doors on the canopy.

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Delta Disney Princess Canopy Toddler Bed

Quiet little babies soon turn into active and opinionated toddlers.

Choosing your baby’s clothes and gear will eventually transform from a date between Google and yourself, to one with a third wheel – aka an energetic two-year-old.

If you thought you would never be one of those moms, the ones who buy everything with characters splashed on them, think again.

Toddlers simply love to have their favorite animated characters everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean knickers to hair bow to dinner plate everywhere. Anything to keep them happy, right?

This Delta Disney Princess Canopy bed is perfect for the princess-obsessed child in your family. It feels and looks like a royal four-poster bed from much-loved princess fairy tales.

The drapery, frills, and bows add to the princess-touch. Featuring your little one’s favorite princesses, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Rapunzel, she’ll soon forget the pea that’s keeping her from sleeping in her own bed.

The canopy bed is perfect for a princess-themed room, and you can also add other themed furniture to complete the look.

The two attached guardrails offer safety, and the organza canopy offers a touch of added glam. It comes with decals to attach, but they’re easy to apply.

It sits low on the floor: at 6″, there’s no worrying that your little one will fall over and hurt herself.


  • Affordable take on what usually are more expensive four poster beds.
  • Great bedtime story starter – your little one will actually look forward to bedtime if she’s sleeping in this beauty.


  • Pieces aren’t labeled, so assembly can be quite a headache if you don’t organize everything before you start.
  • Canopy rods tend to bend easily, and will require fixing into place from time to time.
  • Not the best option for you if your toddler is very active, as it will not withstand much energetic jumping for a long time.

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KidKraft Race Car Toddler Bed

There’s something special about wooden toys and gear that makes them so unique.

I personally love wood – there’s a quality feel to it that you don’t really get from plastic, and this is especially true when talking about toddler beds.

It also provides much use over the years when compared to other, possibly cheaper, items. Wood is also gentler on the planet, so that’s another very important plus.

KidKraft is one brand that appeals to all generations. While it tends to be on the higher end (price-wise), their toys and kids’ furniture are built to last.

This KidKraft Race Car Toddler Bed is a beautifully made bed in the shape of a fun and colorful race car. It merges the advantages of wood with those of plastic, creating a wonderful piece.

It features a bed area with a sturdy mattress base made of wooden slats that fits most crib mattresses, and a bench in front for sitting, reading or to use as a shelf.

And, if applying stickers or decals is the bane of your parenthood experience, you’d be happy to note that there’s nothing to stick here. The wood comes painted!

The sides are elevated almost all-round, so there’s no worrying that your little one will topple over. Either way, the car is set close to the ground, making it easy for your toddler to climb in and out by himself.

With this KidKraft bed, your toddler will actually race to sleep! Okay, not quite, but you know what we mean. The bed can quickly become a much-loved space for rest, quiet time, and play.


  • Easy to put together.
  • Sturdy and a beautiful piece of furniture.
  • No stickers for you to mess around with, it all comes already painted.


  • Bench area can be a bit slippery, especially while wearing socks.
  • If you’re not too careful about it, the wood construction can chip off with time.

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Dream on Me Toddler Day Bed with Storage

The house seems to shrink once a baby comes by, and it’s easy to end up desperate for storage space. You never imagined it would be this bad, but it all adds up!

With homes becoming smaller and smaller these days, and shopping habits grander (we’re all guilty of that), utilizing every nook and cranny becomes all the more important.

Due to their height off the floor, most toddler beds do not come with in-built storage.

The Dream on Me Toddler Day Bed though, makes the most of the space available and incorporates a large drawer beneath the bed. It’s a perfectly sized space for storing extra bed linen, your toddler’s clothes, or anything else that needs putting away.

The bed is made of solid wood and features an almost all-around safety rail to keep your little one safely snug.

It’s available in a variety of finishes, so you can choose which goes best with the room’s overall aesthetic. The bed base is wooden, so there’s no need for a more expensive box spring mattress to go on it.

This Dream on Me model is ideal for toddlers and young children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. So, you can rest assured that your munchkin will get much use out of it over the years!

It also makes for a well-made piece of furniture, and with some ingenuity, can be transformed into something else that\s also useful once your child outgrows it and is no longer in need of it.


  • One of the few toddler bed options out there that come with storage space – very useful if you’re already limited on space around the house as it is.
  • Includes all tools for assembly to make the process a more straightforward one.


  • Active sleepers can still roll over from the exposed end of one of the sides.
  • Safety rail is not interchangeable. So, the room organization options are somewhat limited.

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Babyletto Hudson 3 in 1 Convertible Crib – Toddler Bed

Babies outgrow things at the speed of light. One minute they’re in newborn clothes and safely snug in their cute bassinet, the next they’re running around, diaper in hand, adamant on not sleeping.

As they grow, so does the pile of items rendered useless because they no longer need any of it!

The Babyletto Hudson Convertible Crib saves you money and space. It’s the perfect solution to limiting the amount of baby gear that tends to accumulate over time.

The crib can be used from baby’s first day earthside, to well into their toddler years. It transforms from a cozy crib to a safe toddler bed, and day bed.

The toddler bed conversion kit comes included, which means you won’t have to spend extra money on purchasing one standalone.

If this isn’t enough to get you excited about it, there’s more!

The bed has four different levels to choose from. There’s no unnecessary bending over to put a newborn in his crib, and no height safety concerns when your toddler is climbing in and out.

Also, its stylish, mid-century modern design matches any nursery. It’s not only beautiful, but is also one of the safest toddler beds you could possibly get – and not just in terms of the bumps and tumbles aspect either.

This Babyletto crib was awarded the Greenguard Gold certificate after it was screened for 360 volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In other words, you can rest assured that there’s nothing nasty coming out of your little one’s crib.

VOCs are emitted as gases from certain solids and liquids, some of which may have short and long-term adverse health effects. The concentration of VOCs is 10 times higher indoors than it is outdoors.

Side effects can range from eye and respiratory tract irritation to headaches, dizziness, and visual disorders and memory impairment. So, obviously enough, VOCs are not something you’d want your child exposed to.


  • The 3-in-1 crib does not compromise on design, and neither on safety.
  • Eco-conscious design made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood.
  • Sides are made of spindles, allowing for full visibility of baby from all sides.
  • Takes standard full-sized crib mattresses.


  • Comes with two large warning stickers attached to it that take some serious elbow grease to remove. Not really a problem, but can prove to be annoying for some!
  • Not exactly the highest quality.

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Max & Lily Toddler Twin Bunk Bed

Sometimes, making rooms work for your needs is easier said than done.

When space is an issue, finding a solution that is both functional and compact (and still safe) becomes all the more important.

The Max & Lily Toddler Twin Bunk Bed was designed with exactly this in mind. Not only does it have a minimal footprint for a bunk bed, but it’s also low in height for rooms with lower ceilings.

This option is perfect as a twin bed, or siblings close in age.

Not only so, but it will last them for years to come. Each level can hold up to 400lb, making it a stable and robust bunk bed solution to be used from toddlerhood to teenage years.

It’s also safely made with a low VOC finish, as well as an easy to climb angled ladder with grooved steps for added grip.

It fits two standard (non-thick) twin-size mattresses that rest on a slat platform, meaning you can still use each mattress on other single beds once the kids outgrow using the same room.

Unlike other bunk bed options out there, it’s easy to change the sheets on this one, as the upper level is easily reachable.

The lower bunk, while close to the floor, still allows for proper air circulation underneath. It features rounded edges for safety, and you can choose where to have the ladder.

The upper bunk is also safe – the 14″ guardrails will keep your little one safely contained.


  • A bunk bed for toddlers, without the usual disadvantages of bunk beds.
  • Compact and makes very good use of space.
  • Optional curtain add-on to make an adventure space out of the lower bunk.
  • Made of solid wood.


  • Assembly has the potential of resulting in wacky headaches, as it’s not the most straightforward process.

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Toddler Beds 101

Having kids involves an extensive learning experience. It helps to know you’re not the only one googling everything under the sun!

There are various sleeping options available for you to consider for your little one, each being most appropriate for a specific age. So, if you’ve used a bassinet and then progressed to a crib, you’ll soon find yourself shopping for a toddler bed.

Here’s all you need to know.

What Is A Toddler Bed?

It’s all in the name, really: A toddler bed is a small bed specifically designed for toddlers.

At around one and a half or two years of age, your little one will grow too big for their crib and will also become capable of escaping their bed. For safety reasons, this isn’t something you’d want happening in the middle of the night.

A toddler bed usually has low side rails on each side – as opposed to cribs which have higher rails. The low height of the bed rail ensures that your toddler doesn’t accidentally roll over onto the floor while sleeping.

Unlike cribs, toddler beds are also closer to the ground. This ensures that your toddler can safely enter and exit the bed.

The ASTM voluntary standard, as quoted in the Consumer Product Safety Commission for Toddler Beds Safety Standard, defines a toddler bed as “any bed sized to accommodate a full-size crib mattress having minimum dimensions of 515/8 inches in length and 271/4 inches in width”.

At this stage, your toddler will more than likely have their own preferences that you have to take into consideration. Luckily, toddler beds come in various shapes and themes, so shopping for one can be fun for your little one too!

When Can My Child Transition To A Toddler Bed?

It’s noted as a safety standard that a toddler bed is intended for children not less than 15 months of age and weighing no more than 50 pounds.

The age at which your toddler shows signs of readiness of moving into a toddler bed varies from one child to another, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer we can give that applies to all toddlers alike.

With that being said, most children make the move once they’re between one and a half and three and a half years of age.

Age three is a safe average for the move. However, if your toddler has become too big for their crib or too active, then you should be looking into transitioning earlier.

As emphasized by Deborah Lin-Dyken, a pediatric sleep disorders expert, you shouldn’t be rushing out and buying a toddler bed the second your little one climbs out of their crib.

There are other things you should try doing first. For example, try lowering the crib mattress as far as it goes so that the side rails are higher.

Keep in mind the fact that once you move your toddler to a toddler bed, they can easily leave their bed while everyone’s sleeping, which presents a safety concern. So, it’s best to seek other solutions to these problems first and delay the transition in such cases if possible.

Is My Child Ready For A Toddler Bed? What Are The Signs To Look Out For?

As we’ve already covered, each child is unique, and this also applies in terms of their readiness to move to a toddler bed.

To make all of this easier for you, here are some signs you can look out for that will indicate whether or not your little one’s ready for the transition towards a toddler bed.

Climbing Out Of The Crib

While not a fool-proof indicator per se, the fact that your child can now climb out of their crib is a hint that they may be ready for the transition sooner than you expected.

Potty Training

If your little one is well on their way to mastering the art of potty-use, crib rails can hinder them from reaching the bathroom on time, which ends up being counter-effective to your potty training endeavors altogether.

A toddler bed will make leaving and coming back much easier.

Doesn’t Require Supervision

If you’re comfortable with having your little one potentially walking around the house during night time all on their own, then a toddler bed is a good option.

If the simple thought of this (regardless of your extensive child-proofing efforts around the house) sends you in a panic attack, then it’s not the right time for the transition.

Some children like to push boundaries more than others, so always think about what’s safest for your little one.


Once your toddler’s too big for the crib, it’s time to move to something bigger.

Understanding Boundaries

A crib’s rails serve as a clear boundary for your child. On the other hand, the rails on a toddler bed are much lower and more tempting for your little one to disregard.

If your child can understand the concept of contained boundaries without something physical specifically placed to hinder their movement, then they’re ready for a bigger bed.

There’s nothing worse than spending the night returning a tired (yet active) toddler to their bed!

Asking For a Bed

If your child is verbalizing their wish to have their own bed, this is another great indicator that they’re indeed ready for the transition.

Hating the Crib

When bedtime becomes a scream fest because your toddler doesn’t want the ‘baby bed’ anymore, it’s time to invest in a bigger bed.

This, of course, is only true if it’s not something else about the crib that’s bothering them, such as an uncomfortable mattress.

Another Baby Is On The Way

This factor is not exactly an indication that your child is ready to forego their crib. For some families, however, a baby on the way may necessitate that the older child vacates the crib for the newcomer.

Your toddler may take to a bigger bed like a duck takes to water, but some children (as noted by Sleep), become quite attached to their crib. After all, just because you’re ready to move your toddler to a bigger bed, doesn’t mean that they are.

In such cases, some parents find it easier to simply purchase another crib rather than move their older child to a toddler bed when they’re not ready for the transition just yet.

A new baby is enough change for your toddler to handle at once – and you should try to make the transition to the role of older sibling as smooth as possible for them, not add to the stress.

What Should I Look For In Toddler Beds?

There are various factors that make a good toddler bed, and it’s best to start with the safety requirements as listed in the ASTM Voluntary Standard.

Safety Requirements

  1. Toddler beds should not have lead paint, sharp points and edges, and small parts that present a choking, aspiration or ingestion hazard.
  2. There must be no scissoring, shearing, or pinching hazards.
  3. Openings must meet specified dimensions to prevent fingers from getting stuck.
  4. Any openings on the bed that permit passage with a wedge on one end and that can lead to torso entrapment are prohibited.
  5. The distance that corner posts may extend is limited.
  6. Protective components should not be removable.
  7. There should be clear labels and warnings indicated on each bed.
  8. The mattress must be supported and contained to avoid movement.
  9. The mattress support system and side rails must have passed physical integrity tests.
  10. Openings in the guard rails, end structures, and partially bounded openings should prevent entrapment.
  11. Toddler beds must come with instructions.
  12. Warning statements are required to address entrapments and strangulation hazards.

Knowing that the toddler bed you’re purchasing meets all of these safety standards helps you rest assured that your toddler will be as safe as possible in their new big bed.

It’s best to steer away from somewhat cheaper toddler beds that do not meet these set safety standards.

Last but certainly not least, look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification. This guarantees that the product you’re purchasing is safe for your little one.


To save some money (and prevent waste), opt for a toddler bed that holds a standard-sized crib mattress. This way, you can reuse your mattress.

If the sizes don’t match, buy a new mattress. Always remember that gaps between the mattress and the frame are hazardous.


Toddlers are active little ninjas, so the toddler bed you buy has to be sturdy enough to withstand your child’s energy.

If you’re not sure that it has top notch sturdy construction, then it’s probably best to look for something else that does.


Although not high enough to contain your little one, side rails are a helpful indicator of boundaries, aiding your child in understanding that this is where they need to stay during the night.

Something Your Child Loves

A good toddler bed is one that your child loves.

Toddlers tend to be passionate little humans, adamant on getting their way. If your little one is insisting on a Peppa Pig bed, there’s no use shopping for that vintage-inspired work of wonder you spotted at the store a month ago, because they simply won’t be interested in sleeping in it.


Storing kids’ gear, clothing and toys requires considerable space – and if you’re short on it, finding solutions can become quite a chore.

A toddler bed that incorporates storage space (commonly in the form of a storage drawer or multiple storage drawers) allows you to make the best use of whatever limited space you have available.

What Different Types Of Toddler Beds Can I Choose From?

There are various types of toddler beds available for you to choose from, each with their own specific advantages and disadvantages.

Looking through all options helps you opt for one which best meets your child’s needs and wants, so let’s have a closer look at your options.

Toddler Bed Tent

A tented toddler bed not only allows for some epic imaginative journeys, but it also keeps your toddler nice and snug.

These kinds of beds come in various themes and cover most well-loved kids’ characters.

This option is great for instilling excitement for bedtime, too. Having a bed your toddler loves makes bedtime that much easier.

Car, Castle, Princess Toddler Beds

There’s really no limit as to how imaginative toddler-bed creators can get.

Creatively constructed toddler beds add a touch of magical wonder to just about any nursery or bedroom out there, and they’re also a statement furniture piece which you can completely re-design the room around.

Just like bed tents, it’s quite probable that your little one will actually start looking forward to bedtime with these ones.

Crib-to-Toddler Bed

More and more parents are opting for cribs that can be transformed into a toddler bed, since there are quite a few advantages to this option.

Kids outgrow gear at an alarming rate. With a crib-to-toddler bed, you can get more use out of the item before thinking about re-selling it, passing it on to another family member or friend, or throwing it away.

You can also plan the nursery in a better way, knowing that you won’t need to change the crib in a couple of years when your little one outgrows it.

Grown-up Looking Toddler Bed

If you’re not too fond of ruining the whole aesthetic of the house with a colorful bed, sophisticated toddler beds that resemble normal adult beds do exist.

A word of warning though – your toddler might not approve!

Canopy Toddler Beds

Recall those romantic canopy queen-sized beds, so common in period drama? Well, there are cute toddler versions of it, and they’re high on the princess-factor!

Canopy toddler beds make a great colorful addition to any nursery.

Toddler Day Bed

If you’re fond of re-purposing things to extend their use, a toddler day bed is a great option.

Toddler day beds have rails on three sides, with a shorter removable rail on the fourth side. Once your toddler outgrows this bed, simply remove the shorter rail and voila! You now have a new couch. Well, not exactly new, but you know what we mean.

Toddler Bunk Beds

If there’s an older sibling in the house and limited space you have to use intelligently, bunk beds are a great option.

Your toddler should only use the lower bunk though, since the upper bunk is still unsafe for them. The upper bunk should be reserved for the older sibling, on condition they’re old enough to sleep there.

While a bunk bed is a good space-saving option, you have to factor in that it does take up a larger footprint, and using your existing crib mattress is not a possibility.

Toddler Travel Bed

If you’re often on the go or your little one spends quite some nights over at a relative’s house, a toddler travel bed is a good investment to make.

With a travel toddler bed, you can be sure that your little one is sleeping safely where they’re already used to sleeping, even when not doing so in their own nursery.

Setting Up A Toddler Bed In The Nursery

If the thought of introducing a toddler bed into your tiny nursery is sweating you out, you’ll be glad to know that toddler beds have the same footprint as cribs do.

Phew! Sigh of relief, right?

In fact, your existing crib mattress is more than likely to fit perfectly into the toddler bed, but do double check before you make a purchase – just to be on the safe side.

Safety Tips When Introducing A Toddler Bed

As you embark on the transition from crib to toddler bed, you would want to ensure that your little one is as safe as possible, both when sleeping and when they leave their bed.

A toddler bed provides your little one with a new sense of independence – they are no longer constrained to their crib and are now free to explore as they wish.

Here’s a checklist of what you need to prepare in the house for safer toddler-bed sleep:

  • Childproof the nursery room or bedroom by installing safety locks on windows. If the window can be opened, ensure that it can only be opened a little to avoid your child from climbing through.
  • Move all strangulation hazards out of reach, such as curtain and blind cords and hanging mobiles.
  • Cover all electricity points and keep heaters away from reach.
  • Attach furniture, such as wardrobes and chests of drawers to walls to avoid them from tipping over and hurting your child.
  • Anything that shouldn’t be digested shouldn’t be left in your toddler’s room. This includes items such as medicines, cleaning fluids, batteries, and coins.
  • Remove things your child can climb on and fall off from, such as chairs.
  • Install a safety gate to block the doorway. If this is not possible, childproof the rest of the house.

Ensuring A Good Night’s Sleep For Your Toddler

Transitioning into a toddler bed is a milestone, both for you as a parent and for your child.

Looking for the signs that your little one is actually ready for the move and acting upon them will make everyone’s life substantially easier. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re more than ready to transition your child to a bigger bed, your child needs to be ready too.

When out shopping for a toddler bed, ensure that whatever it is you’re purchasing meets all safety standards and criteria discussed above. Also, ensure that the area where your little one will be sleeping is super safe.

A toddler bed provides your child with newly found independence, a kind of independence that most kids would love to explore the limits of – so, expect yours to do exactly that.

Here’s to more parenting adventures!


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